QTP 9.2 Software Download

Discussion in 'QuickTestPro (QTP)' started by pgopinathbe, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. pgopinathbe

    pgopinathbe New Member

    Is any one to know how to download QTP 9.2 software free:)...

  2. subrat83

    subrat83 New Member

    Its a 15 day trial version you can download fro m the mercury website.
  3. prashant.gaur

    prashant.gaur New Member

    First you download the free trial and then search for the crack .
  4. rohini.kumar

    rohini.kumar New Member

    download qtp9.2
  5. srinivasan4ever

    srinivasan4ever New Member

    Can you send me the download link.
  6. premanand9094

    premanand9094 New Member

    i need QTP 9.2.please send me the link.mail - premanand9094@gmail.com

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