Software Testing Basics Quiz

Discussion in 'Basic Concepts' started by rebjones, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. rebjones

    rebjones New Member

    Try this quiz and see where you stand. Answer key at the end will help you learn from your mistakes

    Software Testing Basics Quiz

    Now check how much you know about various testing tools.

    Testing Tools 20Q quiz

    I will be creating more quizzes based on your feedback.

    Learn and Enjoy. :D
  2. tossy

    tossy New Member

    useful source for beginners to gain knowledge on testing.
  3. rebjones

    rebjones New Member

    Thanks. I am in process of creating more quizzes. I am happy that I can help some people here. I am in field of testing for last 10 years. I love helping and training people fresh out of college.
  4. anud168

    anud168 New Member

    Thank u's helpful
  5. titusraj

    titusraj New Member

    nice portal really helped me:)

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