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  1. sriharsharaman

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    What are the Basic and essential things 1 should keep in mind while testing a web mail service(Ex- gmail,yahoo etc)?
  2. harish53687

    harish53687 New Member

    1.enter the URL Http://Gmail.com check whether it shows
    ur gmail page or not.
    2.Enter with valid username and pwd.
    3 Enter with invalid usenames and pwd.
    4.Check the inbox it has to display uread messages.
    5. check the Spam folder for junk mails.6. check whether there is an option for compose
    6.Check whether the unread and read messages are highlighted in different manner.
    7.check whether you are able to assign task.
    8.Check whether you can customize message in your chat window.
    9.Check whether the attachment symbol(paper clip)is displayed on the mail where any attachments are made.
    10.check the "Stay signed in" option is working properly.
    Many things like this..
    11.Check whether the cursor is available in the User name
    field upon Enter the URL www.gmail.com in the Address bar.
    12.check 'stay signed in' chekbox.
    13.Check wehther u can register for a new account using
    registration form by not giving mandatory fields/ by keeping
    some fields blank, etc.

    Please drope me a mail if you have any issues, i can help you :)

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