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    PDF on WinRunner ® 7.0

    Hi , Here is the URL for WinRunner 7.0 PDF. http://students.depaul.edu/~slouie/wr_tut.pdf Thanks, Dillip
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    Automation Tools

    Automated testing tools Using the correct testing tool at the right time in a project can significantly increase the efficiency of testing by automating processes, increasing communication, promoting best practices and re-use of tests and test data. The leading functional automated testing...
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    What is the use of Test Director software ?

    Test Director is a test management tool with which we can manage our entire testing process. It is a central repository where we can store our requirements, test plans, test cases and tests scripts and execute the test cases and test scripts. We can share the work with other QA testers using...
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    What is Rational Robot ?

    Rational Robot is a complete set of components for automating the testing of Microsoft Windows client/server and Internet applications running under Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows 95. The main component of Robot lets you start recording tests in as few as two mouse...
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    what will do in integration testing?

    Integration testing (sometimes called Integration and Testing, abbreviated "I&T") is the phase in software testing in which individual software modules are combined and tested as a group. It occurs after unit testing and before validation testing. Integration testing takes as its input modules...
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    What is Process metrics ?

    Software process and product metrics are quantitative measures that enable software people to gain insight into the efficacy of the software process and the projects that are conducted using the process as a framework. Basic quality and productivity data are collected. These data are then...
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    What Is Mean By Winrunner?

    WinRunner software was an automated functional GUI testing tool that allowed a user to record and play back UI interactions as test scripts. As a functional test suite, it worked with HP QuickTest Professional and supported enterprise quality assurance. It captured, verified and replayed user...
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    What is CMVC? what is use of it?

    Configuration Management Version Control (CMVC) is a software package that serves as an object repository, and performs software version control, configuration management, and change management functions.
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    What is SOA Testing?

    Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) makes software quality both more important and more difficult to achieve. SOA test is "a comprehensive testing and analysis tool suite for tailored to the unique testing and validation needs of Service Oriented Architectures."[1] It helps testers test the...
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    What is Fuzz Testing ?

    Fuzz testing or fuzzing is a software testing technique, often automated or semi-automated, that involves providing invalid, unexpected, or random data to the inputs of a computer program. The program is then monitored for exceptions such as crashes or failing built-in code assertions. Fuzzing...
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    What is Load Runner ?

    LoadRunner is a load testing tool that facilitates load testing against application thus determining the behavior of the application (server and network) when under normal load, stress or prolonged testing depending on the objective of the load test. It basically generates no of virtual users...
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    ClearCase is a Software Configuration Management (SCM) system. That means it keeps track of which versions of which files were used for each release (even internal releases) and also which combinations were used in builds (including engineer builds, nightly and release builds). ClearCase also...
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    SCRUM Life cycle

    Hi, You can follow this link for basic knowledge. http://www.xqual.com/documentation/tutorial_scrum.html Thanks, Dillip
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    What is Rational Functional Tester (RFT) ?

    Rational Functional Test is an object-oriented automated testing tool that tests Java, HTML, VB.NET, and Windows applications, and lets you record reliable and robust scripts that can be played back to validate new builds of a test application. Functional Test runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP...
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    What is VSS ?

    Hi, VSS stands for visual source safe. It is used in Configuration Management. The purpose of this tool is identifying the configurable items in the project. Keep those in repository and maintain version controlling. Thanks, Dillip