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    Test management system with Increased Visibility

    Thank you Tossy for sharing the information, much appreciated :)!
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    What are the phases of the Software Development Life Cycle ?

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    What models are used in the Software Development Life Cycle ?

    SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT MODELS These are 6 models which are mostly used in SDLC life cycle. Water fall Model (or) Sequential Model Prototype Model Evolutionary Model Spiral Model Fish Model V - Model
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    What are the levels of testing ?

    LEVELS OF TESTING There are 5 levels of testing. Unite level testing Module level testing Integration level testing System level testing User acceptance level testing 1) Unit level testing If one performs testing on a unit then that level of testing is known as unit level...
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    Basic Interview question asked in any testing interview

    What is Regression Testing. Difference between Regression and Re-testing. What is Adhoc testing and Exploratory testing. Difference between them. What is Agile testing. What is a Test case. Test case template. Explain about Bug/Defect life cycle... SDLC (Software development life cycle)...
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    Compatability Testing

    Can anyone tell me what are all the considerations taken while doing Compatability testing... I mean Browser, Resolution etc... Please reply me ASAP...I need this answer :(
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    What is Traceability Matrix

    Can anyone explain me about traceability Matrix with an example.
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    Why adhoc testing is also called random testing ?

    Ad hoc Testing: It is a type of testing in which one will perform testing on the application in his own style after understanding the requirements clearly.
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    What is SOA Testing?

    Can anyone who are into SOA testing...explain me about the SOA testing process....
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    What is Security / Penetration testing ?

    Thanks for the information....:)
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    What is Alpha and Beta testing ?

    Alpha Testing: It is a type of testing in which one (I.e., our Test Engineer) will perform user acceptance testing in our company in the presents of the customer. Advantages: If at all any defects are found there is a chance of rectifying them immediately. Beta Testing: It is a type of...
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    What is Whitebox and Blackbox testing ?

    White box Testing (Or) Glass box Testing (Or) Open box Testing It is a method of testing in which one will perform testing on the structural part of an application. Usually developers are white box testers perform it. Black Box Testing or Closed box testing It is a method of testing in...
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    What is Open box and Closed box testing ?

    Open Box Testing is same as While Box testing which is usually done by the Developers. It is a Structural testing, like reviewing the code, debugging the code, Compilation errors... Closed Box Testing is same as Black Box Testing which is done by the Tester. It is a Functional testing, like...
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    What is Fuzz Testing ?

    Can anyone tell me on which kind of applications Fuzz testing is used.
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    What is Disaster Recovery Testing ?

    Hi , Can you please explain more about this..