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Boundary Value Analysis

Boundary value analysis(BVA) is one of the black box testing technique this BVA is introduced because it is observed that most of the time programmers commits mistakes while specifying boundary's like >,>=,<,<=, BVA is introduced to remove the bugs associated with it....
According to BVA consider lower boundary value,upper boundary value for positive testing and lower boundary value-1 and upper boundary value+1 for negative testing......

Boundary value Analysis is Dynamic kind of Testing and comes under Black-Box Testing or Specification based testing.It is on Testing on boundaries on partitions.
Here we take care of both valid partitions and in valid partitions.
We consider the Minimum and maximum values of each partition and the before value of that Min value and after value post to that maximum value.
Hi All
What is boundary value analysis:
Boundary value analysis is based on testing at the boundaries between partitions.It goes under dynamic testing category.Suppose a range is exists between 1 to 100.
The boundary values are 1 and 100.It is calculated as (SB-1,SB) to (EB,EB+1)
SB=starting boundary.
EB=end boundary.
Why it is required?
It is required because sometimes it may happen that a programmer start the the loop execution from instead of starting from 0.As a result it will give the unexpected result.so for that boundary value analysis is very much required.

BVA used to test the size n range of an object......

Ex:password length should be 4 to 8 characters

Now the boundaries r 4 n 8
While testing the tester test the min(4),max(8),min-1(3),min+1(5),max-1(8),
max+1(9) values whether the object taking the values in specified range r not.....

Tester will not test all the range....bcoz sometimes the scenario with the boundary range 1 to 100...
Testing 1,2,3,....100 values is time waste process.....
Boundary value analysis is the technique of making sure that behavior of system is predictable for the input and output boundary conditions. In other words
BVA is analysing the particular functionality boundaries based on the minimum and maximum datas or constraints. For example take a login page. In Login page we need to provide user name and password to login.
BVA is a Test Case Design Technique Which is used To Test the Boundariy Values Of The Input Range,in This Technique We Use The Formula as
A-1 A A+1 B-1 B B+1
A=Lower Range Of Input
B=Upper Range Of Input