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Data Security for Oracle E-Business Suite


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Recently we had a bad experience of losing live data. So with the help of Solix we started creating non-production clones of Oracle E-Business Suite for testing, development, and even training. It really helped us a lot in E-Business Suite Archiving.
By leveraging Oracle User Management function security and data security, Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway provides a security feature which only allows users with authorized privileges to access or execute certain methods of an integration interface exposed through Oracle Integration Repository. This protects application data from unauthorized access or execution of the Java methods or functions within an API without security checks.

Function security is the basic access control in Oracle E-Business Suite. It restricts user access to individual menus and menu options within the system regardless of which application data in the row. Regardless of the interface types, APIs are stored procedures that enable you to insert and update data in Oracle E-Business Suite. When having the function security layer enforced on the access to an API, it actually implicitly restricts the data access to the application.
It is possible that it could get you into a security analyst position but nothing is 100%.To get into almost any larger company you will need a college degree of some type. If you like computer security then by all means go for it.You will probably need to start off as help desk, server team and work your way to security analyst unless you're already writing exploits,patches or security software. then you might be able to sell yourself to the right company without the degree.