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ETL testing ?

ETL basically stands for Extract Transform Load - which simply implies the process where you extract data from Source Tables, transform them in to the desired format based on certain rules and finally load them onto Target tables. There are numerous tools that help you with ETL process - Informatica, Control-M being a few notable ones.

So ETL Testing implies - Testing this entire process using a tool or at table level with the help of test cases and Rules Mapping document.

In ETL Testing, the following are validated -
1) Data File loads from Source system on to Source Tables.
2) The ETL Job that is designed to extract data from Source tables and then move them to staging tables. (Transform process)
3) Data validation within the Staging tables to check all Mapping Rules / Transformation Rules are followed.
4) Data Validation within Target tables to ensure data is present in required format and there is no data loss from Source to Target tables.

Anyone getting more about it please write over here....

Hi All,
ETL stands Extract, Transform and Load. It is an ETL process to extract data, mostly from different types of systems, transform it into a structure that's more appropriate for reporting and analysis and finally load it into the database

In this step we extract data from different internal and external sources, structured and/or unstructured. ETL - Transform the data

Once the data is available , it is all on one platform and one database. So we can easily join and union tables, filter and sort the data using specific attributes, pivot to another structure and make business calculations. In this step of the ETL process, we can check on data quality and cleans the data if necessary.

Finally, data is loaded into a data warehouse or data base.