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Load Runner Interview Questions with Answers

Here are few Load Runner interview questions. Please add more questions you may be knowing...

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What is Load Runner (LR) ?

Load Runner is Mercury Interactive Performance Testing Tool.

Which scripting language is used by Load Runner ?

LR uses TSL Language.

What kind of applications LR tests ?

LR tests Client / Server & Web based applications.

What are the Components of LR ?

4 Components are:
* Vu Generator
* Controller
* Scheduler
* Analyzer

What is the use of Vu Generator ?

It generates the script similar to script modules in Open STA

What is the use of Controller ?

It is the heart of LR. We increase the number of vitual users & run the scripts.
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What is the use of Scheduler ?

It applies gradual load similar to Configuration tab

What is the use of Analyzer ?

It analyzes the results
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