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test straegy.


Test strategy.....

-It's one document among 10 testing documents
-It's prepared by TM/QA/PM
-It defines behavior of testing team w.r.t skills,resources,people,etc
-To achieve the goals which are specified in "Test policy document",the organisation must follow some strategies which are defined in a TEST STRATEGY document
-It consists of;

1.Scope & objective:
What is the testing definition,testing need &purpose in your organization

2.Business Issues:
What is the testing cost among total projects cost
In general 30% to 40% of project cost is used for testing only

3.Test approach:
Defines the testing approach between "development stages" and "testing factors"
i.e;TRM (Test Responsibility matrix) will be defined here
-what factors should be tested in a particular Development stage will be defined in terms of a matrix......
-We have 15 testing factors and 5 development stages(as per my knowledge)
-Based on the project type(3 types are there.....Traditional,off-the-shelf,Maintenance),required testing factors and d.stages will be mapped.

4.Test environment specifications:
During testing some documents will be prepared by the testers....
Test plan,T cases,T procedures,T script,T log,Defect report,T summary report

5.roles and Responsibilities:
What job performed by whom will be decided

6.communication & status reporting :
communication in between lower level to higher level people who are involved in the project like.....testers<->TL, TL<->TM,TM<->PM

7.Testing Measurements and metrics:
Verification is done for quality assessment and test management like;
How much work is completed till now and how much has to be completed?
Is testing going on as per the company standards r not?

8.Test Automation:
Is there any need of automation testing?
If so wht tools r required?
For tools how much it'll cost?
Is company capable r not to effort these tools?

9.Defect tracking system:
Comm: b/n developers and testing team to report bugs and to fix them

10.Change & configuration management:
The strategies to handle the requests from customer site

11.Risk analysis and mitigation:
Analyzing of future common problems and their solutions during testing
Ex:tester is on long leave.....Risk
Use shadow resources......mitigation

12.Training plan:
Domain and technical training for testers to start testing
In general...SRS will be given to testers to understand the application/project
to do testing
ex:If tester is not aware of banking app:,he'll be given some training towards that app:

Hope it'll help...any doubts r if am wrong in anything let me know
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Test approach is the way how do you do your testing. Where as
Test strategy its an implemented form of of test approach.What ever the things that are said in test approach are actually implemented during test strategy.
Following are the components of the Test Strategy document
 Scope and Objectives
 Business issues
 Roles and responsibilities
 Communication and status reporting
 Test deliverability
 Industry standards to follow
 Test automation and tools
 Testing measurements and metrices
 Risks and mitigation
 Defect reporting and tracking
 Change and configuration management
 Training plan

Following are the components of the Test Plan document:
 Test Plan id
 Introduction
 Test items
 Features to be tested
 Features not to be tested
 Test techniques
 Testing tasks
 Suspension criteria
 Features pass or fail criteria
 Test environment (Entry criteria, Exit criteria)
 Test delivarables
 Staff and training needs
 Responsibilities
 Schedule

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