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What direct and indirect risk?

Risk Is the Negative consequences or undesirable things that may happen to the deliverables. Risk is measured on the basis of its "LikelyHood" and "Impact" on the system. Risk commonly categorized as Product Risk and project Risk.
Direct and Indirect Risk comes under Project Risk.
The late delivery of the test items to the test team or availability issues with the test environment comes under Direct Risk associated with the project.
Where as excessive delays in repairing defects found in testing or problems with getting professional system administration support for
the test environment considered as Indirect Risk.

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According to me Direct and Indirect risk comes under project risk.
Direct Risk:
It means if the developement team takes more time to handover the product to the testing enviornment,it is reffered to as direct risk.

Indirect Risk:
If the test team takes more times to test the product it is reffered to as Indirect risk.

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