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What do you do if developer not accepted the bug ?

Test the bug with all valid conditions as per the requirement, if you find mismatch again then log the defect again with clear explanations as well as screen shots.
Hi All,
According my knowledge,
As a tester we will re-test it with same set of test data,if again we face same problem we will assign it again to developer and if we don't find any issue with that we will set the status of the issue as "not more issue".

If any thing wrong I have written please rectify me.
Hi All,
If the developer do not accept the bug,it means that we are not writing the bug with proper description.So we need to rewrite the bug description properly with the cause of bug again so that the developer can accept.

As a tester when we found a bug, but the developer is not ready to accept it, especially the dev from On-Site, we will check the below things,

2.Build No and (Ex- Dev from US the build no is 9.2 here in
india(Tester) the build no is 9.1)
3.Check the fixed bug is deployed or not.

Again we found same bug, take a screen shot and sent it to dev with Requirement and CC to TL and PM.