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What is regression testing

The main objectives of regression testing are to check the new functionalities have been incorporated correctly in to the system with out failing the existing functionalities.Also validate whether the defect resolution works have injected any unexpected or unintended side effects.
Regression testing is mostly done by using automation.

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Regression Testing plays an important role in any Scenario where a change has been made to a previously tested software code. Regression Testing is hence an important aspect in various Software Methodologies where software changes enhancements occur frequently.
Once defects are found throughout the testing process those are documented in the test log and sent it back to the development team with corresponding testcase Id and reference id. Development team checks whether they are valid bugs or not and fixes it accordingly and sent it back to the Testing team for confirmation testing or so called re-testing.
But due to this fixation of code it might cause some adverse affect to the product under consideration.It might happen all the other scenarios those passed earlier due to this change been affected.So as a whole all the things are working fine or not we take care of with regression testing.
Rgression testing is a testing to ensure that nothing has changed that should not have changed.
In other words, when some defects are found and fix, we do two kind of testing, 1) Re-testing
2) Regression testing
Re-testing is done to check that the fixed part work correctly or not,while Regression testing are done to check impact of that fix on other part.
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Regression testing is a testing of a previously tested program following modification to ensure that defects have not been introduced or uncovered in unchanged areas of the software, as a result of the changes made. It is performed when the software or its environment is changed.

Reasons for doing regression testing :-
The intent of regression testing is to ensure that a change, such as a bugfix, did not introduce new faults. One of the main reasons for regression testing is that it's often extremely difficult for a programmer to figure out how a change in one part of the software will echo in other parts of the software.

Strategies and factors doing regression testing:-
Some strategies and factors to consider during this process include the following:-
1) Test fixed bugs promptly. The programmer might have handled the symptoms but not have gotten to the underlying cause.
2) Watch for side effects of fixes. The bug itself might be fixed but the fix might create other bugs.
3) Write a regression test for each bug fixed.
4) If two or more tests are similar, determine which is less effective and get rid of it.
5) Identify tests that the program consistently passes and archive them.
6) Focus on functional issues, not those related to design.
7) Make changes (small and large) to data and find any resulting corruption.
8) Trace the effects of the changes on program memory.

Uses of regression testing :-
Regression testing can be used not only for testing the correctness of a program, but often also for tracking the quality of its output.
For instance, in the design of a compiler, regression testing could track the code size, simulation time and time of the test suite cases.