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What is silk test and it's benifit ?


SilkTest is a cost-effective, powerful tool for automated function and regression testing, delivering advanced test automation capabilities that can be used by many project stakeholders.

SilkTest creates powerful, robust and fast test automation across a broad range of application technologies to identify quality problems early in development lifecycles. Collaboration is promoted by user interfaces designed for business analysts, test automation engineers and developers. Different stakeholders participate in creating powerful test automation that enables a continuous approach to quality assurance and reduces the costs of assuring high quality applications.

SilkTest is widely used by companies to replace repetitive manual testing with automated tests that can be run again and again. Its ability to create powerful test automation across a broad range of application technologies helps organizations check software continuously as it changes, ensuring that defects do not creep in and assuring the reliability of the deployed application.

The proliferation of the internet means that applications need to be tested with a diverse range of client configurations to ensure their behavior when deployed. Using SilkTest software organizations create test automation that can be run against multiple browser and operating system combinations. Being able to create a script that can be used across many environments increases both productivity and the ROI of test automation.


Role based scripting user interfaces: Test automation user interfaces that are natural for the user, enabling stakeholders to participate in ensuring the continuous validation of the application.
Industry leading Web 2.0 support: Mastering the automation of complex web 2.0 applications increases testing and decreases testing costs for critical new applications.
Creates robust test assets : Advanced dynamic object recognition and synchronization delivers test scripts that are simpler, more reliable and less costly to maintain.
Fast test execution: With fast, efficient replay technology SilkTest increases quality and finds defects early by testing more during continuous integration test cycles.
Cross browser support: Test scripts can be written once and run against many browsers and operating system combinations, cutting the effort and cost of browser configuration testing.