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what is the diff between smoke testing and funtional testing

pls explain the what type of testing done in smoke testing. here also we are going to test the function and what we are going to do the functional testing.
pls differntiate to both
smoke testing is done to make sure the application is testable, ie., its basic and critical features are working fine, here it is tested for only positive(correct) values and not for negative values. we don't take much time to do smoke testing. It is done bcos if we find the same bugs at a later point of time it will lead to lot of rework.

But in functional testing we test the functionality of all the features against the requirement thoroughly.


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Smoke testing will be conducted to ensure whether the most crucial functions of a software work, but not bothering with finer details.

However, functional testing is done to check for the GUI, functional and business requirements of an application. :)
Smoke testing is done to ascertain whether to accept or reject a build for full testing or not.

Smoke testing is done only on major functionality of the system. If no showstopper is found, smoke test is deemed pass, and build is taken for further testing.
[ see In smoke testing we check only the basic features of the softawre and it is done by developer and tester also and its also done by customer at customer place in Acceptance Testing while

In functional testing we check each and every component thoroughly whether the components are working properly or not.]
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Here is a list of differences as I perceive:

1. Smoke testing commonly involves performing functional testing (but may include non-functional testing such as installation testing for example).

2. Fewer test cases are executed in smoke testing than in detailed functional testing. Consequently, a smoke test lasts shorter than a detailed functional test.

3. The focus of a smoke test is broad and shallow. A detailed functional test focuses each test area in depth.

4. In order to find any major or obvious defects quickly, it is common to execute a smoke test more times than a detailed functional test.

5. A detailed functional test follows a successful smoke test.