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Why does a software have bugs ?

- Miscommunication or no communication - about the details of what an application should or shouldn't do

- Programming errors - in some cases the programmers can make mistakes.

- Changing requirements - there are chances of the end-user not understanding the effects of changes, or may understand and request them anyway to redesign, rescheduling of engineers, effects of other projects, work already completed may have to be redone or thrown out.

- Time force - preparation of software projects is difficult at best, often requiring a lot of guesswork. When deadlines are given and the crisis comes, mistakes will be made.
Software is developed by Human being and they can mistake no doubt about that .

other fundmantals reason could be following:
- time constraint.
- not proper unit testing
- lack of infirmation.
- miscommunication and understanding etc.
1. Miscommunication or no communication 2.Software complexity 3.Programming errors 4. Changing requirements 5. Time pressures 6. Egos
1.s/w complexity
2.programming errors
3.poorly coded documentation
4.miscommunication b/n inter group
5.change in requirement
6.s/w development tools or OS may introduce their own bugs
Hi All,

There are many reasons for a software having errors
1. It may be poor documentation
2. If there are some enhancemnts which has not been designed as per the enhancements
3. The main reason is being human being make errors which leads to defect and which leads to failure of the application
4. Time pressure may be one constraint
5. If the application is not verifying the documents
6. Inavlid inputs may leads to give error
7. Programming errors .e.g. suppose a loop should start from i=0 to 100 ,but bymistakely the loop gets started from i=1.This leads to a error
8. Not properly following the documentation